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Raskals Tribe is an accessory brand focused on providing the market with alternative fun and functional products. Raskals are Grip for your Stick! We have committed ourselves to decades of design, development, and testing using the finest materials to offer you best in class products.

Raskals Tribe has evolved beyond our original Rip Grip and now offers a line of traction, apparel, and accessories to give you more Grip to Rip. Raskals Tribe is for the Grommet in You. Our mission is to offer the best grip for ones’ stick.

Raskals is a true rider-owned, rider-focused brand. We value our team riders’ feedback and ideas as we strive to make the best product for all levels of riders.

Raskals Snow Traction Rip Grips provide grip for your airs when grabbing your board, grip for your boots when getting on and off the chair lift, and aids as a boot scraper to scrape off extra snow build up on your boot prior to strapping into your bindings.


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